pyramid fields of giza

Pyramid Fields of Giza

Country: Egypt | Type: Cultural | Theme: Archaeological, Burial Introduction to Pyramid Fields of Giza Memphis, located in Egypt, was the capital of the Old Kingdom and today contains numerous ancient monuments.  Some of its highlights include rock tombs, temples, pyramids, and ornate mastabas.  This area, in ancient times, was considered one of the Seven Wonders of the World.  Some of the well-known …

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imperial tombs of ming and qing dysnasties

Imperial Tombs of the Ming and Qing

Country: China | Type: Cultural | Theme: Burial  Introduction to Imperial Tombs of the Ming and Qing Dynasties During the era of feudalism China, dynasties ordered the construction of ornate mausoleums in order to show respect to the ancestors. These tombs were built for deceased emperors and their kinsmen. The mausoleums reflect the religious beliefs, aesthetics, and political thought of the period. …

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Terracotta Warriors - Mausoleum of the first Qing Emperor

Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor

Country: China | Type: Cultural | Theme: Burial  Introduction to the Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor In 1961, three peasant workers from the tiny Yangeun-west village stumbled upon a pit containing statues of terracotta warriors. The commencement of excavation began shortly thereafter. The site is named after Ying Zheng who was the ruler of the State of Qin at the time of …

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