East Asia

East Asia is comprised of six countries.  On the mainland are China and Mongolia, with North and South Korea on the Korean peninsula.  Japan and Taiwan are islands off Asia’s eastern coast.  Volcanic activity in the area places these island nations at risk of tsunamis and earthquakes.  Seasonal monsoons bring rainy seasons and cold winters to the general area, while the east enjoys a subtropical climate.

China takes up over 80% of the region’s land, much of which is mountainous.  The bulk of its population lives rurally, but urbanization draws many to its overcrowded, polluted cities.  Of China’s three major rivers, the Yellow River is famous for creating fertile land, but also notorious for causing violent floods which decimate the riverside communities.

Historical forms of language, art and culture remain strong in East Asia.  Although English language is common for international business purposes, many East Asians still maintain their traditional beliefs, cultures and unique dialects.

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