Asia, the world’s most inhabited continent, is home to more than 4 billion people.  It includes countries such as China, Russia, Japan, Israel, Mongolia and Bangladesh.  Thousands of different languages are spoken among the many ethnicities.  Located in the northern hemisphere, it is bordered by Europe and Africa.  Many islands belong to this region, both in the Pacific Ocean to the east, and the Indian Ocean to the south.

Asia has the distinction of containing both the highest point on the earth’s surface, Mt. Everest, as well as the lowest point on the land, the Dead Sea.  Among a vast array of unique and fascinating environments are the Himalayan mountains between China and India, the barren landscape and arctic temperatures of Siberia, the inviting tropical climate of Southeast Asia, and some of the world’s largest cities – Mumbai in India, Shanghai in China, and Seoul in South Korea.

A major contributor to the world’s heritage and economy in terms of trade, production, natural resources and tourism, Asia is a fascinating region full of geographical and cultural diversity.

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