dinosaur provincial park - world heritage sites in Canada

Dinosaur Provincial Park

Country: Canada | Type: Natural | Theme: Geology, Paleontology  Introduction to Dinosaur Provincial Park Dinosaur Provincial Park, located in Alberta, contains some of the most important fossil discoveries from the Age of Dinosaurs. Fossils discovered here include some 35 species, some of which date back as far as 75 million years. More than 150 complete skeletons from this area now are harbored in …

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Putorana Plateau in Siberia

Putorana Plateau

Country: Russia | Type: Natural | Theme: Mountain, Natural Landscape  Introduction to the Putorana Plateau The Putorana Plateau is an enormous basalt tableland massif that stands at the northwestern edge of the Central Siberian Plateau approximately 100 kilometers north of the Arctic Circle. The World Heritage inscribed area which measures 1,887,251 hectares, exemplifies the paradoxical conditions of unspoilt ecosystems in the arctic and subarctic …

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mount huangshan- world heritage sites in China

Mount Huangshan

Country: China | Type: Mixed | Theme: Mountain, Natural Landscape, Religious Structure  Introduction to Mount Huangshan Mount Huangshan is well-known for its spectacular scenery and is therefore possibly the most famous mountain in China. It is home to magnificent grotesquely-shaped formations of rocks as well as forests. The natural beauty is magnified by natural mists and clouds. The area around Mount Huangshan is also …

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