vigan cathedral - historic town of vigan

Historic Town of Vigan

Country: Philippines | Type: Cultural | Theme: Colonial, Urban Landscape Introduction to Historic Town of Vigan The island city of Vigan is located in Ilocos Sur province in The Philippines and is its capital. It is situated on the coast of the sizable island of Luzon to the west and is oriented towards the South China Sea. This city is among the many …

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Historic Cities of the Straits of Malacca

Country: Malaysia | Type: Cultural | Theme: Colonial, Urban Landscape  Introduction to Melaka and George Town, Historic Cities of the Straits of Malacca The historic cities of Melaka and George Town both developed on different areas of the Straits of Malacca. They both experienced over 500 years of trading between East and West. The Straits of Malacca are the longest straits in the …

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Luang prabang

Luang Prabang

Country: Laos | Type: Cultural | Theme: Urban Landscape  Introduction to Town of Luang Prabang Luang Prabang is nestled at the center of the mountainous area of northern Laos amidst limestone hills wrapping around the entire area. There is a local legend that Buddha rested at the site of Luang Prabang and smiled, indicating that it was the future location of a …

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Komodo National Park

Country: Indonesia | Type: Natural | Theme: Wildlife Introduction to Komodo National Park The Komodo National Park lies 200 nautical miles to the east of Bali in Indonesia. It is between the islands of Sumbawa and Flores in the Lesser Sunda Islands. This is a unique biosphere which was created from a huge volcanic uplift. It is the only area where the …

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Sangiran Museum

Sangiran Early Man Site

Country: Indonesia | Type: Cultural | Theme: Geology, Paleontology  Introduction to Sangiran Early Man Site Sangiran is a well-known archaeological excavation site located on the island of Java in Indonesia. It is in the Solo River Valley about 15km north of Surakarta. During excavations first carried out in 1936, this unique site revealed a number of fossils of some of our earliest human …

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Hoi An Ancient Town

Country: Vietnam | Type: Cultural | Theme: Maritime, Urban Landscape Introduction to Hoi An Ancient Town Hoi An is an exceptionally well-preserved ancient town dating back to the 15th century. It is located in central Vietnam at the mouth of the Thu Bon River on the South China Sea. As an ancient trading port its buildings and street plan reflect the influences that …

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Javan Rhino - Ujung Kulon National Park

Ujung Kulon National Park

Country: Indonesia | Type: Natural | Theme: Forest, Geology, Natural Landscape, Volcanic Introduction to Ujung Kulon National Park The Ujung Kulon National Park is located on the south-western tip of Java on the Sunda shelf. It is in the Banten province, formerly West Java. This lush jungle park is connected to the mainland by a narrow, swampy isthmus. The lowland forested national park covers an …

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Borobudur Temple

Country: Indonesia | Type: Cultural | Theme: Buddhist, Religious Structure Introduction to Borobudur Temple The Borobudur Temple Compounds are a collection of three Buddhist Temples located in Central Java, Indonesia. They are located about 40km north of Jogjakarta in an elevated area between the two volcanoes, the Sundoro-Sumbing and the Merbabu-Merapi and between the Progo and the Elo Rivers. . The spectacular temples …

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prambanan temple indonesia

Prambanan Temple

Country: Indonesia | Type: Cultural | Theme: Hindu, Religious Structure  Introduction to Prambanan Temple Prambanan Temple is situated 18km east of Yogyakarta city in Central Java. It is the largest Hindu temple compound in Indonesia and is dedicated to Trimurti, the three highest gods in Hinduism. It is known locally as the Loro Jongrang temple, after the nearby village, or the temple of …

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