Voroneț Monastery - churches of moldavia

Churches of Moldavia

Country: Romania | Type: Cultural | Theme: Christian, Religious Structure Introduction to the Churches of Moldavia The Churches of Moldavia are a site featuring eight Romanian Orthodox churches in northern Moldavia dating from the 15th and 16th Centuries. These churches are: Key Facts Inscribed:1993Nearest City:SuceavaProvince:MoldaviaCoordinates: Lat: 47.7783, Long: 25.7127Accessibility:ModerateServices:Basic Highlights

independence hall

Independence Hall

Country: United States | Type: Cultural | Theme: Monument, Secular Structure  Introduction to Independence Hall A Georgian style building in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Independence Hall has a relatively modest appearance considering its historical significance.  Two historic documents, the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution, were signed in Independence Hall.  Both documents helped to define and shape the concepts of democracy and freedom …

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statue of liberty

Statue of Liberty 

Country: United States | Type: Cultural | Theme: Secular Structure Introduction to the Statue of Liberty An iconic American landmark, the Statue of Liberty stands at the entrance to the New York Harbor and, for decades, has been a sign of welcome to immigrants entering the United States. It is known world-wide as a symbol of freedom and liberty. This impressive structure is comprised …

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taos pueblo

Taos Pueblo

Country: United States | Type: Cultural | Theme: Archaeological, Pre-Columbian Introduction to Taos Pueblo Pueblo de Taos is located in a small valley near the Rio Grande.  This area consists of an adobe settlement that includes many dwellings and ceremonial structures from the Pueblo Indians.  It is highly representative of the culture of these people.  The two structures at Pueblo de Taos, Hlauuma …

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stone town of zanzibar

Stone Town of Zanzibar

Country: Tanzania | Type: Cultural | Theme: Urban Landscape Introduction to Stone Town of Zanzibar Located in Tanzania, the Stone Town of Zanzibar is a great example of a virtually intact Swahili coastal trading town.  The buildings of the town are a direct reflection of this unique culture, a mix of cultural elements from Africa, India, Europe, and Arab regions.  For centuries, …

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ifuhao rice terraces

Rice Terraces of the Philippine Cordilleras

Country: Philippines | Type: Cultural | Theme: Agriculture, Cultural Landscape Introduction to Rice Terraces of the Philippine Cordilleras The Rice Terraces of the Philippine Cordilleras have been etched into the curves of the mountains for 2,000 years in Ifugao. The knowledge of how to maintain these terraces is past down from generation to generation. Therefore, a careful balance is maintained between social and …

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pico island vineyard culture - Portugal

Pico Island Vineyard Culture

Country: Portugal | Type: Cultural | Theme: Agriculture, Cultural Landscape  Introduction to Pico Island Vineyard Culture Pico is 987 hectares of unique, man-made landscape, a volcanic island in the Azores whose entire landscape has been shaped and changed over five hundred years of small-scale farming. The island is now famed for its vineyards and their much sought-after wine, but there’s more to see …

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longmen grottoes

Longmen Grottoes

Country: China | Type: Cultural | Theme: Buddhist, Religious Structure  Introduction to Longmen Grottoes The history of the stone engravings at the Longmen Grottoes began when Emperor Xianwen changed the capital to Luoyang from Northern Wei in 493. Work carried on until the Ming Dynasty, over 400 years later. The peak of the creation of the rock carvings was from the latter 400s …

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Bordeaux port of moon

Bordeaux, Port of Moon

Country: France | Type: Cultural | Theme: Post Medieval, Urban Landscape Introduction to Bordeaux, Port of the Moon A stunning city in southwest France, Bordeaux has been touted as a gem of Renaissance-era urban planning and is lauded for its architectural treasures of the same era. Long an important port city, Bordeaux played a sizeable role in the linking of France to Britain …

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Ayutthaya historical park | Thailand

Ayutthaya Historical Park

Country: Thailand | Type: Cultural | Theme: Archaeological Introduction to Ayutthaya Historical Park North of Bangkok is the Ayutthaya Historical Park on the banks of the Chao Phraya River. It is the site of the ruins of Ayutthaya, the capital city of the Kingdom of Ayutthaya which was founded in 1350 and largely destroyed by the Burmese army in 1767. It was established …

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